Immortals of Aveum CEO regrets selling game for 80 euros


In 2023, Immortals of Aveum, an Electronic Arts title, failed to capture much attention from the public, resulting in a low number of simultaneous players on Steam. The CEO of Ascendant Studios, Bret Robbins, attributed the failure to the launch price, stating that the game saw a significant increase in sales after a price reduction. The initial price of 79.99 euros for the console version and 59.99 euros for the PC version may have deterred potential buyers.

Robbins also mentioned that the chosen launch date, August 22, 2023, was not ideal and expressed a preference for a January 2024 release. However, financial constraints made that option impossible. As a result of the poor performance of Immortals of Aveum, half of Ascendant Studios’ staff were let go in September.

There is a possibility that the game may be included in PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass in the future to boost its popularity. It remains to be seen if Immortals of Aveum can overcome its initial challenges and regain traction in the gaming market.

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