Imagining Use for a Useless Attic: Video Game Fans’ Dreams


The internet is a platform for people to showcase their creativity and sense of humor. Recently, Alan Corey, an Atlanta real estate agent, shared a photo of the entrance of a house on Twitter. Above the door, there is an inaccessible attic, and Corey asked his followers to come up with ideas on how to make use of the space.

The tweet caught the attention of video game fans, who responded with a series of memes imagining how the space could be used in popular video games. For example, the official League of Legends account suggested it could be an ideal place to put the Kevins, the new creatures that have appeared in the 2024 season. The official Just Dance account also chimed in with a suggestion on how the space could be used to dance.

Other responses included ideas from games like Golden Sun, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 64, and many more. Users shared their creative suggestions, demonstrating their love for video games and their remarkable imagination.

The responses were entertaining and showcased the deep connection that gamers have with various game franchises, highlighting the impact that video games have on popular culture. It’s incredible to see how a simple real estate tweet turned into a fun and imaginative conversation about video games.

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