IlloJuan to Compete in Hunt & Run 2 at Twitch Rivals


Despite the controversy that existed initially, Hunt & Run was a success. The Twitch Rivals event hosted by IlloJuan served to unite the Hispanic community against a common enemy, and several North American streamers praised the event and donated money to Spanish-speaking streamers to help them grow and fulfill their dreams.

After initially indicating that the event would be the first and last edition, IlloJuan surprised his fans by announcing a new edition that would arrive soon. Despite facing some challenges, he recognized that the final result was very good.

The positive news of a new edition of the event caused excitement among fans, but IlloJuan later clarified that it would be a long time before the next edition, likely within a year and possibly as an annual event.

In discussing the event, IlloJuan emphasized the quality of the event and the participation of professional players. He stated his intention to make the event even better, with the presence of deserving individuals. It is likely that professional players in the next edition will face challenges to ensure a level playing field for all participants.

In addition to Hunt & Run, the alliance between the Hispanic community was also discussed in order to support the winner of Hunt & Run, highlighting the importance of unity in the community.

Overall, the success of Hunt & Run has paved the way for future editions, and the community’s support has been crucial in making the event a success. Photo: Twitter de IlloJuan

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