Ibai’s Vision: Transforming Football by Acquiring a Team


Meet River Llanos, also known as Ibai, a renowned figure in the streaming community with strong ties to the football world. It’s no secret that this passionate Basque is not only an avid supporter of Real Madrid but also wears the hat of president for Porcinos FC in the Kings and Queens League. His love for the game extends to personal relationships with famous footballers, such as Gerard Piqué, Leo Messi, Iker Casillas, and Kun Agüero.

Ibai’s ambitions reach well beyond his current ventures, encapsulated in events like “The Evening of the Year 4.” He nurtures a dream that he’s long mulled over: to own a Spanish professional soccer team. During an intimate conversation with his subscribers, he openly pondered the league they should aim for: should it be First RFEF (Third Division), Second, or Third?

Sharing his thoughts via a clip posted by Grada B pro, Ibai expressed his desire to begin at the lowest possible level. He’s drawn to the idea of witnessing a team’s growth firsthand, being involved in the signings, negotiations, and experiencing the journey broadcasted live. Such an approach could indeed forge a unique and engaging bond with fans.

Though it’s currently unclear what division Ibai’s future team may compete in, we do know which club fellow streamer ElXokas has his eyes set on: Deportivo de la Coruña. Competing in the Primera RFEF, ElXokas has never shied away from expressing his yearning to lead the Galician club. This brings us to an intriguing possibility – could we witness a ‘streamer derby’ someday with both Ibai and ElXokas owning their respective football clubs? The idea itself is electrifying, hinting at a new blend of online entertainment and traditional sports, a potential game-changer for the world of football fandom.

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