Ibai’s Dream: Investing in Soccer KOI


Years ago, Ibai Llanos started talking about his dreams and goals, both as a content creator and beyond his Twitch or YouTube channels. He has already fulfilled several of these, such as having his own sports club and reaching the highest levels possible. However, there is a quite ambitious goal of the Basque creator that was left in limbo and that recently resonated quite strongly again.

“I would like to be able to invest in a football team or be part of it, like KOI is for me in esports. I have never seen esports as a business, nor do I want to see football like that. The first and fundamental thing is not to lose money, which happened to me last year, and if I make money from it, I will be delighted and I will receive it with open hands, and I will pay my taxes in Spain and I will distribute 10% of my profits among my subscribers,” Ibai said.

Right now I make a very good living with Twitch, YouTube, commercial actions, the Kings League itself, with the events we are doing… Truly, it’s something I want to do, initially out of excitement, and I would like to be part of it to help something or someone and then in the future, be a part of this. It’s a bit what I’ve done with KOI; I have not received any money from KOI, because the first year we won we invested it, the second we lost a lot of money and now we are being born again,” Ibai commented on the matter.

Many teams have “offered” themselves to Ibai. Logically, and with the impact that Ibai himself has, teams of all kinds have already thrown the bait at the creator to see if they are the chosen ones. To keep his word, Ibai mentioned that he would look for a Second RFEF or Third club to start from there and build a solid project. However, one of those that caught his attention the most was M├ílaga, the current Primera RFEF team, when he remembered the magical afternoon he spent in the Kings Cup, despite the fact that his team was eliminated and that during those days he narrated the League of Legends Worlds.

Photo: Ibai Llanos Twitter account

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