Ibai Condemns Kings League Black Grass Issue: “Total Mess”


Let’s talk about something that has the sports world buzzing: The Kings League and its unique twist on the traditional look of soccer fields. Instead of the classic green, they’ve opted for black artificial grass, and it’s certainly gotten people talking. Some fans find it visually appealing; it adds a bold and modern edge to the game. However, not everyone is on board with this aesthetic change.

Ibai Llanos, the charismatic president of Porcinos FC—and a popular internet personality—is outspoken about his views on the black turf. He minced no words when describing his experience: “It’s real shit, and there’s nothing wrong with saying it.” Clearly, the unusual color of the pitch isn’t winning any points with him.

But Ibai’s gripes are more than skin deep. It’s not just the color that’s caught his eye; it’s the playability of the surface that’s a concern. When the ball rolls across the black grass, the game changes. It affects how players interact with the ball and each other, impacting certain moves and strategies. It’s particularly challenging for teams that rely on a fluid, passing style of play. While Ibai firmly states he’s not using this as an excuse—he’s quick to point out that every team plays on the same field—he still seems to suggest it could disadvantage some more than others.

Are you a fan of live sports action? Well, you’re in luck! Every weekend, you can catch all the excitement of both the Kings League and the Queens League as the action unfolds. You’ll get to see a full day of matches, complete with all the statistics, goals, and highlight-worthy moments you could hope for. It’s all part of the thrilling tournament dreamed up by soccer legend Gerard Piqué.

Now, with all eyes fixated on how this black grass affects the dynamic of the game, one thing is certain: Whether you find the dark turf stylish or unsightly, it’s definitely shaken things up. The Kings League, it seems, is as much about redefining football aesthetics as it is about rekindling our passion for the beautiful game.

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