Ian McKellen, Gandalf Actor, Cried in The Hobbit Filming


Actor Ian McKellen, best known for his role as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, recently revealed that the filming of The Hobbit was far from being a wonderful experience for him. The Lord of the Rings is considered a masterpiece in both literature and film, with an astounding 17 Oscar awards and a box office revenue exceeding three billion dollars. The Hobbit, on the other hand, did not reach the same level of success and faced criticism from many fans.

McKellen, who played the iconic Gandalf in both trilogies, expressed his disappointment about the filming of The Hobbit. He claimed that the extensive use of green screens and CGI instead of real natural locations and practical effects greatly affected his performance. In an interview, he mentioned that he burst into tears on set from sadness and disappointment due to the limitations and lack of real interactions while filming scenes for The Hobbit.

The contrast between the filming experience of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings deeply affected McKellen. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the use of green screens and the lack of real sets for interaction during filming. McKellen’s emotional response to the differences between the two trilogies sheds light on the challenges faced during the production of The Hobbit.

The criticism and disappointment expressed by McKellen reflect the unfulfilling experience he had while working on The Hobbit, highlighting the vast differences between the filming of the two trilogies. Despite the success of The Hobbit trilogy among some fans, McKellen’s personal revelations bring to light the behind-the-scenes challenges faced during the production, and provide insight into the complex nature of filmmaking.

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