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The collector figures world is really wide. Recently, the video game industry has seen how these types of products become really popular, beyond the units that were included in the collector’s editions of each game. However, a little world that has always been the order of the day in this regard is that of anime. It is really easy to find figures from the best-known fighting shōnen, such as One Piece, Naruto or Dragon Ball. In case you are a fan of Akira Toriyama’s work, below you can find five really interesting and very cheap Dragon Ball figures.

Vegeta Baby

Despite being far from being the best arc in the series, Dragon Ball GT has a special place among many fans of the franchise, especially for the arc of Vegeta Baby. The Tsufur managed to take control of Vegeta’s body to try to recover both his species and his planet, and in this figure we can see this very characteristic version of the character that managed to fool so many viewers. The best thing is that right now we can find it at a price of 29.98 euros, instead of the 46.49 euros indicated by its RRP.

Goku vs Freezer

Although Dragon Ball Z is full of epic moments, Akira Toriyama has always been characterized by incorporating other more comical scenes, and everyone remembers that occasion in which Goku bit Frieza’s tail in their fight to try to save Namek. This figure has dimensions of 27 cm high and 20 cm wide, so it will take up a good part of our shelf. Its current price is 47.48 euros, instead of the 81.49 euros of its RRP.

Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue

More recent than the two cases seen so far is that of Dragon Ball Super. The continuation of Dragon Ball Z, which would be close to coming to an end, opted to bring new and spectacular transformations, and one of them is Super Saiyan Blue. Well, with this figure we bring together two of the elements that most fanservice have always generated in the work: “new” transformation and fusion. This Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue figure can be found at Temu for only 7.98 euros, instead of the 13.59 euros indicated by its RRP.

Majin Vegeta

One of the most beloved moments in all of Dragon Ball Z is when Majin Vegeta, after regaining consciousness, sacrifices himself to try to kill the Buu Monster to save the Earth. In this fantastic figure he recreates precisely that moment with fantastic fidelity. Its current price is only 19.98 euros, instead of the 28.99 euros set by its recommended retail price.

Dragon Balls

If there is a totally characteristic element within the franchise, it is precisely the one that gives it its name: dragon balls. At Temu we can find the seven balls to buy individually, which is ideal for those who only want one of them. The price of each unit starts at 3.48 euros, so it is a fantastic opportunity to get one of them.

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