How to Obtain Daedream’s Collar: Palworld Gameplay Guide


We offer you all the requirements you need to unlock one of the most important accessories, specifically, this collar that is great for battles.

There are many ways we can thrive in the Palworld adventure, not only by getting new pals, but also by perfecting our base.

But then we also have a series of elements and accessories that are essential to unlock from the beginning to smooth the difficulty curve in Palworld.

And this time we are talking about the Daedream collar, a very powerful accessory that you can even unlock after a couple of hours in the adventure.

We tell you exactly how to unlock it, how to craft it and exactly what it does so you can see its importance.

Palworld: how to get the Daedream collar, one of the best items in the game

To show you how important this collar is, we will tell you that a creature will appear near you and will participate in battle as an additional friend, even if you already have an active pal.

To craft it, you must first reach level 8 of the tech tree to unlock the availability of the Daedream collar, and then spend 1 technology point.

You also must meet the requirement of already having built a workbench at level 6, and you will need the following materials: 10x palladium fragments, 30x wood, and 2x fabric.

All of these elements are very easy to obtain, and are widely available in nature, or even the wool of certain creatures.

As for the recipe for the Daedream collar, it requires the following elements: 10x palladium fragments, 10x Fiber, and 5x leather.

These are also very easy materials to obtain, you can even buy the leather from some merchants.

Once you have all of the above, you can interact with the workbench and select the collar recipe to create it.

The importance of the Daedream collar

As we said, thanks to this collar, you will have greater attack power in battles.

This way, Daedream will appear in your group, and will attack enemies.

As you may have imagined, you will need to catch a Daedream to be able to use this collar, but it is a very common creature that is available to you.

However, it is a nocturnal friend, but in certain occasions it could also appear during the day, so keep an eye out.

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