Horizon Forbidden West Full Edition: PC Release Date Announced


Get ready gamers, as Sony continues to broaden its gaming horizons, bringing some of its most iconic titles to the PC platform. It’s a crucial part of Sony’s expansion strategy to make its celebrated games available to a wider audience. Titles like God of War, Days Gone, and The Last of Us: Part 1 have already made the jump, and now, it’s time for another blockbuster game. The majestic “Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition” is set to launch on PC this March 21 on both Steam and Epic Games.

This isn’t just the base game we’re talking about. This complete edition packs the ambitious “Burning Shores” expansion, taking the entire gaming experience up a notch. And it gets better—there are several pre-order perks waiting for those who secure the game before its release. Here’s what’s on the table if you pre-order:

– The sleek Black Tide Outfit and matching Black Tide Bow, available exclusively with pre-order.
– The Nora Legacy Outfit and the Classic Nora Lance, which you can snag by linking your Steam account to the PlayStation Network.
– Two stylish outfits: the Behemoth Carja Elite and the Thunder Nora Elite.
– Two special weapons to give you an edge: Cause havoc with the short bow of Begimo Carja or the clapping thunder of Nora’s sling.
– A resource pack filled with ammo, potions, and travel packs for your adventure.
– An Alpha Garriraptor component for that mechanical edge in combat.
– And for those moments when you want to capture your glory, a unique pose and face paint exclusive to Photo Mode.

But what about the game itself? The sequel by Guerrilla Games is hailed as “bigger and better” than its predecessor. Launched in 2017, the original game gave us a glimpse into Aloy’s world, but “Horizon Forbidden West” takes it a step further. The game offers a more intricate and complex adventure. With its expanded vertical landscapes, players can indulge in an array of activities that stretch well beyond the main storyline. Innovative tools like the shield wing, the hook, and the sun wing for flying enhance exploration, letting you experience the game’s world like never before.

Every corner of this meticulously crafted world is filled with well-developed, realistic characters and hours upon hours of fun. So if you’re in for an adventure that promises depth, excitement, and astounding landscapes, “Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition” is one game you shouldn’t miss out on. Mark your calendars for March 21, and get ready for an epic journey on PC.

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