Honkai: Star Rail Reward Codes and Redemption Guide


Players of Honkai: Star Rail have the opportunity to obtain a variety of free rewards through redemption codes. This game, released last year, has adopted the common tradition found in other titles of the HoYoverse and other ‘gacha’ style monetization games. This tradition allows players to acquire additional resources to unlock characters or enhance their abilities. Star Jade, Credits, Traveling Spirit Guides, and Refined Aether are some of the most common rewards players can receive by redeeming codes.

All the available codes for Honkai: Star Rail are particularly abundant at this time due to the recent release of Update 2.0. It is essential to redeem these codes as soon as possible, as some may only be available for a limited time after their discovery.

Current redemption codes include:
– 6B976L2STURF: 50x Star Jade and 10,000 Credits
– ZA9674JSAUPF: 100x Star Jade and 50,000 Credits
– 3S9N65KTBD63: 100x Star Jade and 5x Traveling Spirit Guide
– DREAMTOGETHER: 5,000 Credits and 2x Burning Flame Tea
– 0206STARRAIL: 5,000 Credits and 2x Star Taro Bubble Tea
– 0206PENACONY: 5,000 Credits and 2x Hot Floticabra Milk
– DIVEINTODREAMS: 5,000 Credits and 2x Bottled Soft Drink
– 0206GRANDOPE: 5,000 Credits and 2x Energy Drink
– VEGASHSR: 5,000 Credits and 2x Sweet Dreams Soda
– SWEETDREAMS: 2x Traveling Spirit Guides and 2x Refined Aether
– STARRALGIFT: 50x Star Jade, 2x Traveling Spirit Guide, 5x Bottled Refreshment, and 10,000 Credits (one-time use only)

New codes are expected to appear in the coming days, so it is advisable to frequently check for updates or bookmark the page for easy access to the latest Honkai: Star Rail redemption codes.

To redeem codes, players need to complete the first few minutes of the game’s story. They can then either use the website or the in-game menu to redeem the codes and collect their rewards from the in-game email.

In addition to codes, players can earn free rewards through web events and daily check-ins on the HoYoverse website.

By managing resources properly, players can fully enjoy Honkai: Star Rail and maximize their use of Star Jade.

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