Hogwarts Legacy: One-Year Anniversary Statistics and More


In Hogwarts Legacy they are celebrating their first anniversary on sale, which is why the developer has shared player statistics and a video with the best bugs they had while creating the game.

Hogwarts Legacy arrived in 2023 on PC, Steam Deck, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, in May on PS4 and Xbox One, and in November on Nintendo Switch. For this reason, Avalanche reveals statistics and bloopers in a special video.

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since Avalanche Software published the Harry Potter game without the boy who survived, being the first open-world RPG based on J.K. Rowling’s universe.

The game has been a success since then and has sold more than 22 million copies, according to Warner Bros. This made it the best-selling game of 2023 and outperformed Tears of the Kingdom in this field.

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It has outsold Call of Duty and EA Sports FC 24, not to mention that it continues to sell at a good pace. To celebrate this first anniversary of life, its developers have included everything the players have done.

For example, 30% of players chose Slytherin House, which is traditionally considered “evil“. 29% chose Gryffindor, Harry Potter’s house, 24% chose Hufflepuff, and 17% Ravenclaw.

The aspiring wizards and witches at the school also recorded the following statistics during their Hogwarts Legacy sessions:

  • 877 million potions brewed
  • 1.380 billion plants harvested
  • 637 million magical beasts captured
  • 425 million Merlin tests solved
  • 5.250 billion dark wizards defeated.
  • 783 million stealth attacks
  • 5.300 billion spiders exterminated.
  • 375 million trolls defeated
  • 740 million hours of gameplay
  • 51 million of those hours were spent flying on a broom
  • 3.050 billion fast travel activations

First anniversary of Hogwarts Legacy, what memories

The video of over 3 minutes shared by Avalanche Software serves to let everyone see a fun side of the “bugs and errors during development“.

The team has had to deal with this and much more while creating the game, who knows if they came across many more that they couldn’t include!

We still haven’t heard of any planned DLC, although exclusive PS5 content will be released on other versions along with other updates.

Meanwhile, the president of Warner Bros Interactive spoke of the next Harry Potter games after this title.

For now, it’s best to enjoy that Avalanche celebrated the anniversary of Hogwarts Legacy by sharing statistics and bloopers in a video.

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