Highly Anticipated Nintendo Direct Coming Next Week


The Nintendo Direct in February will be next week, around February 15th, according to various sources, the last one until the announcement of Switch 2?

February is always a month of Nintendo Direct presentations. Since 2021, there has always been a general Nintendo Direct in this month, announcing the games that will be released in the first half of the year, followed by other presentations in June or September.

Many fans are eager to know what other games will come out on Nintendo Switch this year, especially after Microsoft and Sony showed their hand in the recent Xbox Developer_Direct and State of Play.

And according to rumors, we will have that long-awaited presentation next week, specifically on February 15th. This was affirmed by two sources.

On the one hand, Universo Nintendo, a Brazilian medium run by “Necro” Felipe, which previously also had advanced information, claims that the presentation will be on February 15th, according to anonymous sources.

Another source is the user Guaran√° from Resetera, who claims that the Direct will be on February 15th. The origin of the information could be the same, as the source is a known person who works in the localization of Brazilian Portuguese for games, and has heard that it is the 15th.

He adds that this source does not usually say anything, but the last time he did was before a Nintendo Direct Mini in which a fighting game was announced (that was the Direct Mini: Partner Showcase of July 2020, when WWE 2K Battlegrounds was announced).

The last Nintendo Direct before Switch 2?

It would have been rare for a Nintendo Direct to take place this week, as this was when Nintendo announced the financial results of the last quarter, with sales data and adding that Switch will be its priority during this 2024.

However, Shuntaro Furukawa added that Nintendo would talk about its plans for the next fiscal year (from April 1, 2024, to March 31, 2025) at the next results meeting, which is in May… so we deduce that Switch 2 should have been announced already.

However, we do not expect them to acknowledge in any way the existence of a new next-gen console in the next February presentation… so it should be at some point between March and May.

For now, they will focus on the games that are yet to be released on Nintendo Switch during this 2024. And it seems that the Nintendo Direct presentation will be on February 15th, a day before the release of Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

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