Hideo Kojima’s 2020 Health Ordeal Leads to Will Creation


Hideo Kojima, a name synonymous with video game innovation and storytelling, has been in the limelight once again, teasing his audience with the promise of an exciting new project. In a recent announcement, Kojima shared that 2025 will see the beginning of a brand-new collaboration with PlayStation – an action and espionage video game called “Physint.” This information comes hot off the press from an interview Kojima had in Japan, where he also opened up about a difficult period in his life during 2020.

Describing “Physint,” Kojima paints an intriguing picture. He’s aiming to blur the lines between gaming and cinema so seamlessly that an onlooker, say your mother, might mistake the game for a high-production-value movie. So, it’s no surprise that his discussions included a visit to Sony Pictures – suggesting an entertainment experience that transcends traditional gaming. Kojima emphasized, “It will be a game and a movie at the same time.”

The visionary game developer delved deeper into his decision-making process. With the establishment of Kojima Productions, he sought the freedom to explore and create new intellectual properties. Following the success of “Death Stranding” and its sequel, he forged ahead with another project, “OD,” nurturing a wealth of fresh ideas along the way. Yet, amidst his creative ventures, a relentless global chorus of fans yearned for another taste of his signature “Metal Gear” series.

Kojima’s dedication to his craft faltered when he faced significant health challenges two years ago. The COVID-19 pandemic compounded his situation, leaving him isolated and in a dire state. He underwent surgery and, at his lowest ebb, he penned a will, contemplating the fragility of life itself. These hardships brought him to a crossroad, stirring a reevaluation of his priorities. As he approached the milestone of 60 years, with aspirations to never retire, he ultimately decided to heed the call of his fans for action and espionage – hence, the genesis of “Physint.”

In spite of drawing considerable interest from Hollywood, Kojima has remained true to his gaming roots. He’s resisted the lure of film production, recognizing the potential toll it could take on his company, which he is deeply committed to. He shared how during this tension-filled juncture, words from the acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro served as his anchor. Del Toro reassured him, stating, “Hideo, what you’re doing is already a movie. Continue as before.” This encouragement was a pivotal moment for Kojima, empowering him to continue his unique approach to game design.

Kojima’s journey through illness and self-doubt illustrates the passion and resilience behind his illustrious career. As he gears up for his latest venture with “Physint,” fans can look forward to another groundbreaking experience that echoes his cinematic aspirations. Despite all obstacles, the legendary game developer moves forward, relentless in his pursuit to merge the realms of gaming and cinema into one remarkable experience.

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