Hideo Kojima Takes Phil Spencer to Japanese Ritual for New Horror Game


The culture and Japanese traditions are quite unknown in the West, so it is possible that there are more than one person who will be surprised when reading what will be seen below. It is known by many that Hideo Kojima is preparing OD (Kojima Productions), a horror video game In collaboration with Xbox Game Studios and Jordan Peele. Very little is known about this project, and the Japanese creative has advised that he will share information “gradually.”

However, Hideo Kojima has told a curiosity on his YouTube channel that will surprise more than one. “Do you know that before making horror movies or dramas, people go to a shrine to make Oharai?” he says. You may not know it, but it is a purification or spiritual cleansing ritual in Shintoism, which is one of the traditional religions of Japan. It is celebrated approximately every two years by a certain group of people.

This time Kojima has confirmed that he brought Phil Spencer and the Xbox team to the ceremony: “Well, this is a horror game, so we did the Oharai ceremony with Microsoft”. In the image that you will see below you can see the head of Xbox accompanied by Sarah Bond, president of Microsoft’s gaming division, along with more members. After telling that, the boss of Kojima Productions says that he is “thinking about doing Oharai again”.

No further photos of the ceremony have been shown, but purified water, salt, and a purified wand are often used to avoid bad spirits or eliminate any negative energy either in people or in the environment, in this case the OD video game. The new thing from Kojima and Xbox is committed to hyperrealism, although the details are still very scarce. Days ago we informed you that OD will be similar to Metal Gear, Death Stranding and other Kojima games for one detail.

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