Henry Cavill: First Choice for ‘007: Casino Royale’ Bond Role


**The Next James Bond: Henry Cavill’s Near Miss and Upcoming Ventures**

For some time now, the entertainment world has been buzzing with the big question: Who will take up the mantle as the next James Bond? Names have been thrown into the ring, from Idris Elba—who has since bowed out—to Henry Cavill, who has made no secret of his aspiration to portray the suave super spy. Interestingly, Cavill was close to bagging the role 18 years ago when ‘007: Casino Royale’ was in the casting phase.

Matthew Vaughn, who directed Cavill in ‘For Argy’, shared the spotlight with him during the ‘Casino Royale’ auditions. He recalls an encounter with Daniel Craig, who mentioned a “young guy, Henry Cavill” as a contender for the role. Even though Vaughn had not yet worked with Cavill on ‘Stardust’ at the time, it was this moment that put Cavill on his radar.

Vaughn narrates a rather revealing anecdote, indicating that it was not Craig’s audition but rather Cavill’s that had initially swayed the director:

“I know the director preferred your audition,” Vaughn reveals, referring to Cavill’s performance, “but Barbara—the producer—preferred ‘Layer Cake’, a movie Daniel Craig starred in 2004.” They eventually deemed Cavill too youthful for the role, a decision Vaughn candidly admits may have been influenced by other factors. “I probably shouldn’t have said that,” he adds, half-serious, half-jest, “but the Broccolis aren’t too fond of me, so what do I have to lose?”

While the role of Bond might have eluded him back then, Cavill’s star continues to shine bright. Departing from his role as Geralt in Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ and stepping away from the DC Universe, his schedule remains packed with exciting engagements.

This year alone, Cavill is set to grace the silver screen in Guy Ritchie’s ‘The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare’. He’s also been cast as the lead in the reboot of ‘The Immortals’, under the direction of ‘John Wick’ maestro Chad Strahelski. And there’s more for this versatile actor: he’s involved in yet-to-be-disclosed projects within the Warhammer universe, a franchise he’s professed deep fandom for.

As Henry Cavill’s journey continues, with a portfolio of diverse roles, the question of who will don the next tuxedo as James Bond remains open. Whether Cavill will ever get to order his martini “shaken, not stirred” on the big screen, his loyal fans will eagerly anticipate his next moves in the world of espionage—or any of the thrilling universes he brings to life.

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