Henry Cavill Discusses Dislike for Movie Sex Scenes


Henry Cavill and Matthew Vaughn, the leading duo of the upcoming film ‘For Argy’, had a candid conversation with Josh Horowitz, a journalist renowned for his expertise in the film industry. In this engaging interview, they touched upon a variety of interesting topics, including their shared sentiments about one of the cinema’s most delicate subjects: sex scenes.

Matthew Vaughn, the skilled director behind ‘Argylle’, opened up about his discomfort when it comes to directing sex scenes. He confessed, “What I really don’t understand, and you’ll notice I don’t direct them because I can’t wrap my head around them, are the sex scenes. It’s something I find perplexing.” Henry Cavill chimed in with a similar lack of enthusiasm, stating, “I do not understand them either, I’m not a fan.”

Vaughn continued by expressing his unease with the concept, saying, “I feel quite uncomfortable about it. You’re like, okay, what do we need to do? Alright guys, I need you to hop into bed, strip down, and it’s like, wow, is this really what acting is about? It may be, but to me, it’s just weird.”

The two then delved into a finer point of discussion about the presence of sex scenes in films and television shows. Cavill reflected, “There are times when a sex scene genuinely contributes to a film and it’s not just for titillation. Sometimes it feels as if they’re overdone, and you start questioning if they’re truly necessary or are simply about showcasing less clothing. That’s when it becomes uncomfortable, and it feels like there’s no true performance contributing to the rest of the story.”

Matthew Vaughn shared a hypothetical scenario that highlights his thoughts on training actors for such scenes, especially at a young age. He pondered, “Imagine going to acting school and getting the announcement, ‘Today we’re going to do a sex scene.’ It seems so bizarre. If my daughters decided to be actresses and had to learn this at acting school, I would be incensed.”

Cavill concluded the interview with an insightful observation, noting that while sex scenes can add depth to a film and further the storyline, they must be used wisely. He mused, “Often, the human imagination is more powerful. It might just be an excuse when a TV show or movie is filled with twisting bodies on screen.”

Their chat was not only thought-provoking but also revealed the nuanced views of these cinema professionals on a topic that is frequently debated within the film industry. It begs the question of how sex scenes serve a narrative and when they may simply be a tool for shock value or visual appeal. Cavill and Vaughn highlighted the importance of storytelling and performance, and how sometimes, what isn’t shown might speak more powerfully than what is explicitly depicted on screen.

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