Halo Season 2: Four Episodes Enough to Hook Me, But Some Worries Arise


The first season of Halo: The series was divisive, and it seems like the second season will be no different. After watching the first four episodes of the second season, I can admit that the series has improved in many aspects. However, there is something that bothers me about the little I have seen of the second one. Is it bad? No, but it will likely generate more criticism than the first.

The startup of this season seems disconnected from the end of the first season, but it doesn’t play against it in excess. The tone is darker, more discouraging, and more hurtful than the first season, which is a positive change. The series now feels more like the video games in terms of plot, with old and new characters carrying more weight.

In these first four episodes, new characters like Natasha Culzac’s Riz-028 have a prominent role. The characters are recovering from past events, and the series delves deeper into their emotional journey. Old friends like Soren and Kwan Ha have more prominent roles as well.

Dr. Halsey also returns, but with different motives, making her a more complex character. The new characters, like Corporal Talía Pérez, add depth to the story. The redesigned Cortana seems to be a cowardly maneuver to silence critical voices, but it adds a new layer to her character.

However, the pacing of these first four episodes seems rushed, making it more complicated to follow. The series attempts to distance itself from the first season, but it feels like it’s overcompensating in certain aspects. The technical aspects of the series, including the visual effects, also seem to have declined.

Despite the flaws, the new ideas in the series have more merit than the blemishes they entail. The new season has left me with a tremendous desire to see more. Overall, the second season of Halo: The series has the potential to be excellent entertainment.

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