GTA V: My Obsession Despite 278 Unplayed Steam Games


Every artistic discipline needs to consider the context in which the works are created. What may seem simple or not very daring now, may have been groundbreaking at the time when compared to the works of contemporaries. However, there are some exceptions to this, and one such exception is my experience with my second game of GTA V.

The first time I played GTA V was shortly after its launch in 2013. I played it on my Xbox 360, and it was an adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed with Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

Since then, I have played GTA V, but mainly focused on GTA Online. I was able to see the reason for the game’s success, the abundance of available content, and the fun of cooperative play. But recently, with the hype around the GTA 6 trailer and not having any current games pending, I decided to give GTA V another complete playthrough.

GTA V has aged exceptionally well, especially from a visual perspective. Playing the PS5 version was a visual spectacle, with high resolution, frame rate, and improved lighting that rivals current triple A games.

I was concerned about the gameplay feeling outdated, but to my surprise, 90% of the game has aged well, especially the driving and shooting mechanics. The mission design still shines, especially in moments like heists with various vehicles and specific tools like armor or drills.

In GTA V, unexpected events, characters that break the rhythm, and surprising narrative twists are common occurrences. This keeps the game engaging and plays with the user’s expectations. Some segments even include mini-games like tattooing a limb or practicing yoga, adding variety to the gameplay.

What surprised me the most during my second playthrough was the storytelling and narrative. The story is simple, but it’s the narrative and character interpretation that I found excellent.

Improvements in my language skills also allowed me to appreciate accents and nuances of the characters’ interpretations, enhancing my overall experience of the game.

While there were some aspects that didn’t convince me, such as the RPG aspect and outdated jokes, GTA V has stood the test of time and remains better than the majority of games in my library.

In conclusion, after revisiting Grand Theft Auto V, I can confidently say that it has aged exceptionally well and continues to be a top-tier game in the industry.

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