GTA Online: Simeon’s Latest Car Missions & Weekly Updates


Hey there, GTA Online fans! Rockstar Games has rolled out a fresh batch of updates for all you virtual criminals out there playing on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Ready to hear what’s new? Let’s jump in and see how you can boost your in-game wallet this week!

First off, you can now rake in triple the rewards on Premium Deluxe Repossession missions and export requests. Delivering two vehicles from these export requests will also have you completing the current weekly challenge, which means you pocket an extra sweet 100,000 GTA$! But wait, there’s more! You can also earn triple the GTA$ and RP on Simeon’s contact quests, plus there’s a double payout of GTA$ and RP when you take on Workshop Client Jobs, Rare Exports, and The Vespucci Job (Remix).

Now, let’s talk celebrations because the Lunar New Year is being honored in style within GTA Online. Simply by logging in, you score some festive loot: grab yourself the Wood Dragon mask, a sharp-looking red Lunar New Year dress, and a sleek black Lunar New Year T-shirt. Want more? This week’s robbery targets include the dazzling Benefactor LM87 (a supercar to die for), the Invetero Coquette BlackFin (let’s call it a beauty on wheels), and the Bravado Greenwood (another car that demands attention). And for those competitive souls out there, the Community Series has made a comeback with—yep, you guessed it—triple rewards!

Feeling the need for speed and some new wheels? Cruise down to the Premium Luxury Autos dealership to check out the latest selection of Simeon’s handpicked vehicles that are back and flaunting a generous 30% discount valid until February 7. These soul-stirring machines include the Coil Raiden, Overflow Entity, Vulcar Nebula Turbo, Bravado Verlierer, and Pegassi Infernus. Increased acceleration and slashed prices make for a tempting combo worth considering!

If you’re more into unique rides, Luxury Autos won’t disappoint, with the Karin Previon and Grotti Turismo R available for your perusal. And let’s not overlook Hao’s Special Works at the LS Car Meet, where you’ll see Hao’s latest brainchild—a beefed-up version of the Übermacht Sentinel XS. Keep sharp, racers, because finishing on the podium three days in a row at the LS Car Meet series gets you the key to a Lampadati Michelli GT. Still at LS Car Meet, test drive the Weeny Issi Sport, Ocelot Lynx, and Schyster Deviant to your heart’s content.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win big at The Diamond Casino & Resort’s Lucky Wheel. Spin it and you could drive away in the week’s top prize—a classic sports car known as the Declasse Mamba.

GTA+ members, you’re in for treats galore until February 7. Enjoy an Albany V-STR on the house, cozy up in Rockstar Games-themed sweaters, and deck yourself out in various New Year’s and Western-style jackets and pants. Plus, if you’re into wildlife photography, you’ll get 50% more GTA$ and RP for your awesome animal snaps. And let’s double your fun (and reputation) at all Los Santos Car Meet events.

Discount hunters, check out these deals! A 30% cut on the Eclipse Boulevard Garage and its customizable options, as well as reduced prices on a selection of your favorite speed demons like the Coil Raiden and the rest of the aforementioned vehicles.

Finally, for those who want to stay armed and dangerous, the Mobile Arsenal Inventory is offering discounts on powerful tools of the trade, including brass knuckles, combat rifles, and more. Special shout-out to GTA+ members who can snag a Heavy Rifle at a 35% discount.

Prepare for a thrilling week in GTA Online and take advantage of all these incredible offers before they zoom by! Grab those keys, and I’ll see you on the streets of Los Santos. Keep it fast, keep it furious, but most importantly—keep it fun!

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