GTA Online: Earn Double with Scrapping (Jan 18-24)


GTA Online, the wildly popular multiplayer version of GTA V, comes with a fresh update that has players talking. Rockstar Games announced that for a limited time, gamers can rake in double the profits at the scrapyard. This lucrative opportunity comes with boosted rewards in Collection Time and a heads-up about drag races zooming in next week.

Rockstar Games didn’t stop there—they’ve rolled out enticing vehicle discounts and a significant game update for PS4 and Xbox One players. But heads up, console veterans: starting February 20, 2024, the Rockstar Editor will bid farewell to the previous generation platforms, though it’ll still be up and running on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This change is due to the old consoles hitting their technical thresholds.

So, what’s hot in GTA Online’s inventory this week? Legendary Motorsport has slashed prices by 30% on some sweet rides like the Progen Tyrus (supercar), Grotti Stinger (classic sports car), and the Enus Stafford (sedan) until January 24. Meanwhile, Simeon’s Premium Luxury Car dealership is showcasing a collection of returning vehicles, including the Albany Washington (Sedan), Ubermacht Zion (coupe), Benefactor Schafter (sedan), Maibatsu Sanchez (moto), and Declasse Premier (sedan).

For those who fancy a visit to the Luxury Autos showroom in Rockford Hills, they’ll witness an exciting duo of vehicles on display: the Declasse Vigero ZX convertible (hot rod) and the Karin Asterope GZ (sedan). Additionally, don’t miss out on Hao’s latest creation, the super-powerful Grotti Brioso R/A (compact), which promises to deliver unexpected high performance.

Pro tip for the car enthusiasts: remain in the top four places in the LS Car Meet series for three consecutive days, and you’ll snag the keys to the Vapid Peyote Gasser. Take a pit stop at the LS Car Meet to test drive the discounted Progen Tyrus, Enus Stafford, and Grotti Stinger. Plus, try your luck at the Diamond Casino & Resort’s Wheel of Fortune, where a Western Powersurge (motorcycle) awaits the lucky spinner.

Exclusive perks are raining down on GTA+ members until February 7. They’ll score a free Albany Cavalcade XL (SUV) and a wardrobe full of Rockstar Games Logo items, including sweaters and MC jackets and pants. Members also enjoy a juicy 50% boost in GTA$ and RP from Animal Photography Rewards and double reputation points at the Los Santos Car Meet to boost their street cred.

Last but not least, gear up at the Mobile Arsenal with fabulous discounts. GTA+ members get 40% off on both the Battle Axe and the deadly Black Widow. The arsenal also includes a precision rifle, rifle, assault rifle, guided rocket launcher, combat rifle, tear gas, sticky bombs, homemade bombs, and armor to ensure you’re ready for any challenge thrown your way.

Jump into GTA Online this week for a world of excitement, new wheels, and extra rewards to enhance your criminal empire!

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