Goku’s Electric Kinton Cloud Scooter Tour in Guipúzcoa


Once upon a time in the colorful and lively streets of Guipúzcoa, Spain, a local resident decided to dazzle his neighborhood in an extraordinary way. Picture this: a man gliding effortlessly on an electric scooter, not just any scooter though; this one is cleverly disguised as the magical Kinton cloud from the beloved anime, “Dragon Ball Z”. To top off this extraordinary sight, he’s dressed as none other than the iconic hero, Son Goku.

As this whimsical figure cruised through the roads, an onlooker couldn’t resist capturing the moment on video, exclaiming, “There goes Son Gohan for Intxaurrondo, you. Look how cool he is (laughs). Look at him in the cloud.” Although the commentator mixed up Goku with his son Gohan in the heat of excitement, the video quickly made its way onto social media, stirring up delight and nostalgia among viewers far and wide.

2024 is shaping up to be an extraordinary year for “Dragon Ball” enthusiasts everywhere, thanks to Akira Toriyama, the brilliant mind behind the series. One of the most eagerly awaited events is the premiere of “Dragon Ball Daima”. This new addition to the “Dragon Ball” universe is stirring up quite the excitement as it draws some parallels to “Dragon Ball GT,” notably with the aspect of Goku returning to his childhood form. But there’s a twist! This time, not only Goku but all the other beloved characters will be reviving their youthful selves too.

Set chronologically between “Dragon Ball Z” and “Dragon Ball Super”, nostalgia will run high as we expect to see Goku with his classic staff, reminiscent of his earliest adventures. This tantalizing series promises to bring back a myriad of original “Dragon Ball” qualities that fans have longed for.

Perhaps, our enthusiastic Guipúzcoan Goku with his Kinton cloud scooter is just one of many fans eagerly awaiting the enchanting return of such classic elements. He could be onto something – the reemergence of the Kinton cloud may be much closer than any of us have imagined. And let’s not forget about another thrilling prospect on the horizon, the anticipated game “Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero.”

As we look ahead to these promising developments, we can’t help but marvel at the playful spirit and unabashed fandom that inspires a person to don a Goku suit and venture through the streets on a cloud. It’s a reminder that sometimes, a little bit of fantasy can bring a remarkable burst of joy into our everyday lives. So, here’s to the creative display of fanhood and the continued legacy of “Dragon Ball,” forever capturing the hearts of fans across generations and continents.

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