Gohan’s Dramatic Return in ‘Dragon Ball Super’


Dragon Ball Super fans, get ready for a thrilling update! With the release of Chapter 101 of the popular manga, we witness a powerful return of Son Gohan, Goku’s eldest son. It’s a moment many have eagerly awaited since his last monumental clash in the “Super Hero” arc, where we were introduced to his enigmatic new power-up, the Beast transformation. Well, the wait is over, because it seems like Gohan is not just flirting with his new abilities—he’s got them pinned down!

The exciting “Super Hero” epilogue unfolds within the pages of Chapter 101, offering a glimpse into Gohan’s growing prowess. Initial sneak peeks had teased fans with an extension of the “Super Hero” storyline, focusing on what some considered a minor character, Carmine. This choice sparked a bit of controversy among the die-hards—why spotlight a lesser-known figure when there’s so much more brewing in the DBS pot? But as the full chapter dropped, all doubts were laid to rest. The latest narrative arcs delivered the thrills: superhero versions of Goten and Trunks flexing their might, an intense sparring match between Broly and Vegeta, and of course, the highlight—a Gohan who can now tap into his Beast mode whenever he wishes.

In this power-packed chapter, we see Gohan being provoked by Carmine into unleashing his full might. This isn’t just another show of force; it’s a transformation that Toyotaro, the illustrator behind the manga, delights in sketching—Gohan reaching that awe-inspiring potential. And there’s a significant twist to the tale: the surge of power from Gohan’s Beast form is so immense that Goku, even from another universe, feels the tug of his son’s ki and decides to make a return to Earth. This sets up a heartwarming father-son reunion, depicted in another engrossing page of the chapter.

However, an intriguing question arises: Why didn’t Goku perceive Gohan’s ki when he first turned into the Beast during the brawl with Cell Max in “Super Hero”? The answer might just be a little narrative leeway or simply the whims of the storyline that Akira Toriyama, the creator, has envisioned for us.

Regardless, it’s clear that with “Dragon Ball Super,” the saga is rekindling the powerful essence of one of its cherished characters. Gohan, who had been pushed to the sidelines for far too long, is back in full swing. Fans of the series have fond memories of his earlier glory days—facing titans like Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu. Now, it seems that the real Gohan is back, promising to deliver even more incredible moments as he masters his transformation and steps up as Earth’s defender once more. Stay tuned as the manga continues to unfold, because with Gohan in Beast mode, things are sure to get wildly exciting!

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