Godzilla Minus One’s Historic Oscar Nod Sparks Joy


As cinema lovers gear up for the grandeur of the 96th Oscar Awards, all eyes are on the remarkable list of nominees that have lined up to claim the coveted golden statues. Among the standout contenders is the film “Godzilla Minus One,” a title that is impossible to overlook for fans of epic cinema. This recent addition to the iconic canon of kaiju or giant monster movies has made an indelible impression, with many considering it the finest entry in the long-standing Godzilla franchise. Adding a cherry on top of its astounding acclaim is the fact that it’s the first Godzilla film ever to secure an Oscar nomination.

The flick “Godzilla Minus One” is going head-to-head with other heavy hitters in the Best Visual Effects category at the Oscars. It finds itself in the illustrious company of “The Creator,” “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” “Mission Impossible: Mortal Sentence – Part 1,” and “Napoleon.” The competition may be fierce, but “Godzilla Minus One” holds its own with a modest budget of $10-15 million—frugal in comparison to its fellow nominees. Simply being nominated is an impressive triumph, not just for the movie but for Japanese cinema as a whole. It’s a monumental nod that bridges the world of kaiju movies with the most prestigious film awards, eliciting great pride from the filmmakers and crew involved.

The latest chapter featuring Toho’s legendary monster has enjoyed a spectacular level of success, drawing audiences from both the United States and Japan. The film’s performance has far exceeded its production costs, marking it as a commercial hit that solidifies Godzilla’s enduring appeal. “Godzilla Minus One” strikes a different tone than its immediate predecessors, particularly those part of Legendary’s Monsterverse. It takes on a slower-paced, contemplative approach, which now not only garners box office success, but also sets its sights on Oscar glory, hoping to continue its groundbreaking journey.

Media reviews, including that of Meristation, have showered praise on “Godzilla Minus One.” Described as a “film with soul,” it evokes a longing for more kaiju cinema—films that while capable of awe-inspiring action, are also rich in storytelling like “Godzilla Minus One.” It has been hailed as one of the standout movies of 2023 and is potentially the greatest portrayal of the legendary Japanese monster we’ve seen to date.

As the anticipation for the Oscar ceremony builds, it is clear that “Godzilla Minus One” has cemented its place in cinematic history. Whether it takes home the Oscar or not, its nomination alone is a testament to the film’s quality and the unique place Godzilla occupies in the hearts of monster movie aficionados worldwide.

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