Get the PlayStation 5 Slim for a Perfect Valentine’s Day


The establishment offers this console pack in its digital version along with an extra DualSense.

The bad moment that console sales went through in the first years of the current generation was long behind us. For more than a year, it has not only been possible to find stock of both the PlayStation and Xbox consoles without any type of problem, but we can even see how some of them receive fantastic discounts, either individually or through packs that, now, justify the investment in these types of products.

The perfect example of the situation we are currently experiencing is the PlayStation 5 Slim. Since its arrival on the market last November, the console has been the subject of numerous discounts in its two versions: digital and with reader. Well, from PcComponentes and the rest of the establishments, right now they have available the pack made up of the PlayStation 5 Slim Digital and an extra DualSense for an attractive price, remaining at 509.00 euros.

This is an ideal pack for those who want to enjoy some games with your partner or friends cooperatively. By having an extra DualSense, we can play together whenever we want. In addition, it is ideal to have a spare controller, in the event of a possible problem and we cannot continue playing.

As for the PlayStation 5 Slim Digital, it is exactly identical in terms of specifications to the company’s previous reader-less console, except for one difference: Your NVMe M.2 SSD grows from 825 GB to 1 TB. For the rest, it maintains the same processor, graphics card, and memory, changing only on an aesthetic level. This change allows it to reduce its size by 30%, and thanks to the new design, we can install the disk reader if we wish, as long as we purchase it separately.

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