Get ready to play Mario vs. Donkey Kong!


Nintendo has just released a test version of Mario’s next platform adventure, Mario vs. Donkey Kong on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The demo offers access to four levels of World 1 of the game, including the possibility of playing with the classic style and a new relaxed alternative, as well as the two-player cooperative mode.

This demo is available to everyone and offers a special introduction for those who are new to the Mario vs. Donkey Kong sub-saga and for those who enjoyed the 2004 classic. The game has been updated with new functions, surprises, and even two completely new worlds created for the occasion.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong offers compact levels that are solved like a puzzle, preserving the charm of Nintendo’s first games and the fun of its timeless hits.

The full game will be released on February 16, and its reduced price on Amazon makes it a great option for fans wanting more after playing the demo.

It’s never too late to treat yourself to a gift, and the full game may be the perfect post-Valentine’s Day treat for Mario fans.

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