Get ready to be transported back to the Nintendo 64 with this new 3D platformer for Nintendo Switch


Anunciado Cavern of Dreams para Nintendo Switch

Cavern of Dreams para Nintendo Switch is a non-violent 3D platformer game that will take you back to the Nintendo 64 era: Banjo-Kazooie, Mario 64… It is already available on Steam with very positive reviews.

Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 was one of the most iconic consoles in Nintendo’s history, and one of the most advanced consoles of its time, capable of generating 3D worlds made with polygons that amazed at the end of the 90s, especially with games like Super Mario 64.

3D platformers were widespread at that time, also on Saturn and PlayStation, but especially on Nintendo’s 64-bit console, whose aesthetic is very nostalgic for the audience that enjoyed it back then, which is why so many games are made emulating these graphics.

Cavern of Dreams, one of the most recent games, released in October 2023 on Steam, has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch, where it would feel like its “natural habitat”, given that it is a spiritual successor to games like Banjo-Kazooie or even Zelda: Ocarina of Time, with dungeons and puzzles.

Cavern of Dreams, on sale February 29th on Switch

Although its clear inspiration is Nintendo 64, it also reminds us of Spyro, because its protagonist is a little dragon named Fynn, who explores fairly large open worlds, with challenging jumps, but also puzzles and hidden treasures.

The game has a lot of collectathon elements, like in Banjo-Kazooie or Donkey Kong 64, so you will have to search every corner of the levels to find the 40 eggs of your brothers to achieve 100%. A mix of exploration, skill with jumps, and cleverness in puzzles.

Cavern of Dreams is already available on Steam, where it has very positive reviews from players, who also point out that it is a game without violence and combat (which does not mean there are no dangers).

Its developer, Byninine Studio (created by a single person) and its publishers Super Rare Games (very appropriate name) confirm the release of Cavern of Dreams on February 29th on Nintendo Switch, for 12.79 euros, a sweet treat for Nintendo 64 fans.

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