Get ready to be amazed by the first trailer of the new Ninja Turtles animated series


The Ninja Turtles have been reborn and there are several highly anticipated projects on the way.

In August of last year, we were able to enjoy one of the best-executed and most beloved animated films by the public: Ninja Turtles: Mutant Chaos. The revision of this legendary team in the form of teenagers resonated perfectly with the youth audience and, after its success, Paramount confirmed the development of an animated series, as well as a sequel.

Now, several months later since its announcement, we have been able to take a first look at Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and as expected, it has far exceeded expectations. Changing style to a more traditional 2D, this Nickelodeon series has only made us want to see more about this bizarre and nineties universe.

The series will arrive sometime this summer and will be a direct continuation of the film released in 2023. In the animated series, the Ninja Turtles will face new enemies that will devastate New York City while they try to live a normal life as high school students.

The series will once again feature the film’s cast for the lead voices and will be written by Chris Yost, screenwriter of The Mandalorian and Thor: Ragnarok, and directed by Alan Wan, who actively participated in previous series of the franchise and was in charge of an episode of Blue Eye Samurai, Kojima’s favorite series in 2023.

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