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You can now reserve the physical format edition of Sea of Stars at GAME, take advantage to get a magnificent RPG on disc or cartridge that comes with its digital soundtrack as an exclusive gift.

Sea Of Stars arrived on PC, Steam Deck, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch in digital and now that it has been announced in physical format thanks to Meridiem, what are you waiting for to reserve a copy through GAME?

The game by Sabotage Studios after The Messenger was one of the most recognized indie games of 2023, even competing head to head against very powerful AAA games.

It was recognized at The Game Awards 2023 with the award for Best Independent Game of the year and sharing the stage with the rest of the awards; including the GOTY 2023 for Baldur’s Gate 3.

It was clear that a game of such caliber deserved its physical format edition, and finally we will have it next May!

Sea of Stars will arrive on all current home consoles in an edition that includes, in addition to the game, a double-sided poster with illustrations by Bryce Kho, one of the main designers of the title.

And that’s not all, because with this reservation it is proposed that an additional gift be added when securing a copy with the stores.

If you want to immerse yourself even more in its world, only at GAME they offer an additional gift: the game’s soundtrack in digital format so you can enjoy its music anywhere, whether you are playing or not.

Reserve Sea of Stars in physical format through GAME

Sea of Stars is a wonderful astral conjunction between the classic and the modern. We are facing a JRPG that must be played by every fan of the genre.

An indie that culminates as one of the best of 2023 and that only lacks being a little braver with its narrative to reach perfection, we said in its analysis.

We recently saw how Sea of Stars continued to break the indie scene by registering a million players in its first four months on the market.

You can’t miss the incredible adventure that awaits you in Sea of Stars, reserve its physical edition at GAME now and start your journey on May 10!

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