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The new version of the Sony console, the PlayStation 5 Slim, has temporarily dropped in price thanks to PcComponentes’ PcDays. Despite rumors of a new PlayStation 5 Pro, Sony confirmed last November that the new model of its latest console would be a classic revision in size and efficiency.

The PlayStation 5 Slim, a more compact console that includes some improvements compared to its predecessor, is now available at a reduced price due to the PcDays promotion at PcComponentes. Although the stock at the discounted price seems to be limited, interested buyers can still purchase it at its regular retail price of 549.00 euros.

The PcDays promotion is available for a limited time, with the offers ending on February 4th. It is highly recommended to take advantage of the discounts before the campaign concludes.

The PlayStation 5 Slim offers a more compact design than the original model and allows users to connect and disconnect the disc reader. Additionally, the new version has an expanded SSD with 1 TB of storage, compared to the 823 GB of the original model.

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Regarding the offers, it’s important to note that some of the links in the article are affiliated and may provide financial benefit to VidaExtra. In the case of non-availability, offers may vary.

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