Get 6 Nintendo Switch Games for 8 Euros or Less Each!


Are you, by any chance, looking for 6 very good Nintendo Switch games for 8 euros or less each? What a coincidence! We have the perfect answers to that question compiled in this article.

Nintendo stands out for its offers in the Switch’s eShop thanks to its digital discounts, but sometimes it offers limited time price reductions that are off the charts; as is the case with the following.

These are 6 very good games for Nintendo Switch for 8 euros or less each, which can cost as little as less than 3 euros or up to this cap that we set.

They are very varied titles and can last for more than 30 hours, including one that made a comeback to modern platforms after its release in 2005. For this special occasion, we thought that leaving out genres such as terror, fight, ARPG, Hack and slash, etc., may highlight the variety that we always propose in this section. And to get started, how about a collection of games in a single package? They have a very characteristic look, belong to a magical saga, and are currently very cheap.

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6 very good Nintendo Switch games for 8 euros or less each

LEGO Harry Potter Collection

LEGO Harry Potter Collection is a game by TT Games that compiles LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 on a single disc and remastered; the first of these 6 very good games for Nintendo Switch for 8 euros or less each. Embark on an exciting journey full of spells, potions, puzzles, lessons, and much more in adventures that combine the seven books and eight Harry Potter films with improved graphics, environments, lighting, and visual effects, as well as two DLC packs; on sale with an 80% discount for 7.99 € in eShop. LEGO Harry Potter Collection review.

The Rumble Fish +

The Rumble Fish + was the return of the arcade version The Rumble Fish with new features, the 2004 game by DIMPS famous for its smooth animation and deep mechanics, now has this 2nd Round. With an online PvP with rollback netcode and a training mode with features such as recording and CPU replays, it has everything a fighting game lover needs! On sale with a 10% discount for 7.19 € in eShop.

Blade of Darkness

Blade of Darkness is a demanding 3D action adventure with innovative tactical combat and RPG mechanics. The mythical “Spanish Dark Souls” is another of our options in these 6 very good games for Nintendo Switch on offer. This new version of the pioneer in “soulsborne” maintains all the essence of the original and adds some small improvements to adapt the gaming experience to our time. Choose one of the four main characters to make your way with swords now that its 80% discount allows it for 2.95 € in eShop.

Oxide Room 104

Oxide Room 104 is a horror game by Wild Sphere, play as Matthew, a man who travels to a roadside motel to close a deal that will solve his life forever; a new option in these 6 very good games for Nintendo Switch on offer. You wake up in the bathtub of room 104 at the Night Soul Motel, but when you want to leave, an evil entity called Eva will prevent you, why? Discover the rest for 6.99 € in eShop thanks to its 72% discount.

Okinawa Rush

Okinawa Rush is a 2D action-packed platformer, pixel art, and beat ‘n up that includes cooperative play. Play as masters Hiro, Meilin, or Shin as you engage in a wild fight against the Black Mantis clan. The fast and fluid combat system allows for many moves, combos, stunts, and has an intuitive block system. Fight to reach the top of our online leaderboards, now with a 60% discount for 7.99 € in eShop.

Children of Morta

Children of Morta is a roguelike with RPG elements, the game by Dead Mage was designed for single-player until being updated to add online co-op. Does this game on offer for Nintendo Switch look good? The action RPG is starred by the Bergson family, who must confront the Corruption with their own hands. The rest can be discovered at a low price with its 75% discount and 5.49 € in eShop.

And with this last roguelike and RPG, we conclude the new round of discounts on the company’s hybrid console. Could anyone offer more for so little?

These are some of the very good Nintendo Switch games for 8 euros or less each in digital format and through the eShop, but deciding on any of them is up to you. The question now is: Which one?

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