Get 5 Graphics Cards for the Price of 1 – Act Honestly


When upgrading your Gaming PC, chances are the first thing you have in mind is a new graphics card. This element, the most popular when building your computer, is usually the center of attention due to this very condition. For this reason, the RTX 4090 and its younger sister have become the object of desire of many users. However, some cannot undertake such a large investment and opt for other highly competent units, as is the case of the RTX 4060 Ti.

Thus, this was the case of Gamerstime, a German streamer and YouTuber. In January, this content creator purchased a graphics card, which is why he received the order last day 9 of that same month. However, she did not open it until February 8th, practically a month after its purchase. And, in doing so, he ran into a situation that he never imagined: instead of receiving an RTX 4060 Ti, the package contained up to five graphics cards from NVIDIA.

Acted like a good consumer

As he himself reveals in a post by, the first thing he thought was that he had made a mistake and had requested five by mistake. However, when checking the invoice he saw that the error lay in the store’s actions, since they had quintupled the order without being aware of it. For this reason, the streamer contacted the retailer and decided to ignore the advice of his followers. As a curiosity, they recommended that sell the extra units to earn some money.

In response to this last suggestion, the streamer assured that “he doesn’t need the money.” In addition, he also revealed that the graphics cards they don’t belong to you, which is why you could incur a crime if you decide to sell them, beyond the act of dubious morality that this action would be. Therefore, he contacted the company to return the excess units and, surprisingly, they confirmed that they had not been aware of the error. Luckily, this story had a happy ending for all parties involved, unlike the player who came across an RTX 4080 at half the price.

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