Gears of War May Launch on PlayStation, Says Insider


The well-known insider from Giant Bomb adds another name to the list of Xbox exclusives that could be released on PlayStation. At the moment, there is no confirmation.

All hell has broken loose in the last few days. For now, neither Microsoft nor Xbox have confirmed anything, but various leakers and rumormongers have heated up the networks with these rumors. The summary is this: some Xbox exclusives could arrive on PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

In the case of Hi-Fi Rush, the popular game from Tango Gameworks, it would be a multiplatform release, as internal leaks suggest.

However, titans like Starfield or Indiana Jones and the Great Circle (out in 2024) would be heading to PlayStation 5, as part of Xbox’s new strategy.

Without official confirmation (if it is indeed true), Xbox could become a third party, dedicated to game development and subsequent publication on Sony and Nintendo platforms.

We’ll see if all of this is true. For now, the name of Halo has not come to light (even though Bungie, creators of the first games, belongs to Sony), but another heavyweight in Xbox’s history has.

Will Gears of War come to PS5?

In a new episode of Game Mess Mornings, Jeff Grubb’s morning podcast, another possible bombastic Xbox release on Sony’s next-gen console has been revealed.

It seems that Sea of Thieves, Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush, and the upcoming Indiana Jones won’t be the only ones making the leap.

But, Jeff Grubb himself claims that Microsoft hasn’t decided yet. It is one of the possibilities on the table, and it may not end up happening (just as the opposite could happen).

We are talking about Gears of War, the iconic Microsoft action shooter franchise. In its early years, the games were developed by Epic Games, and now it’s in the hands of The Coalition.

Gears of War

The other one I’ve heard that’s definitely under consideration (it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, but it’s in talks) is Gears of War,” Grubb states.

Not only that, but it also seems that Xbox is preparing a major announcement for the coming weeks. Specifically, by the end of this month of February.

The other thing I can corroborate is a rumor that there will be something at the end of February, when they will explain this change; that is definitely something they were talking about,”

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According to Jeff Grubb, Xbox will explain its new corporate strategy in a few weeks, which could open the door for all these exclusives to make their way to other platforms. We’ll see if it happens only through Xbox Game Pass, or also with direct physical and digital releases.

So far, the Gears of War franchise can only be enjoyed on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. The latest installment, up to now, is Gears 5, as well as the strategy spin-off known as Gears Tactics.

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