Gaten Matarazzo Wants More Deaths in Stranger Things


Stranger Things Actor Dustin Believes It’s Time for a Main Character to Die

The actor who plays Dustin believes that despite the deaths we see in the series, there is a certain level of protection surrounding the main characters.

Stranger Things is currently filming its final season, which will arrive on Netflix in 2025 to put an end to the threats of the Upside Down on Hawkins and the world.

Death is not a stranger in Stranger Things: the series has killed off several characters since the beginning, but the main characters always manage to survive, although some, like Max (Sadie Sink), do so with great difficulty. Hopper (David Harbour) is also a character saved from the clutches of death in extremis.

This has led to a certain discourse that seems to be spreading among the Stranger Things cast, pointing to the need for a main character to leave this world prematurely to make the loss much more real.

Although characters like Eddie Munson have brought death close to the main characters, the feeling that the Hawkins Gang enjoys divine protection, and by “divine” we mean the Duffer brothers, is becoming increasingly evident.

Does Stranger Things Need to Kill off a Main Character?

As we say, the cast of the Netflix flagship series has also noticed this. As reported by CBR, Gaten Matarazzo, the actor who plays Dustin Henderson, recently shared this feeling at MegaCon in Orlando.

It might seem like a mess, but we should definitely kill more characters. This story would be much better if there was a lot more at stake, as if at any moment any of these kids could kick the bucket. I feel like we’re all too safe,” he said.

The Duffer brothers chose to show the dangers of Vecna and the Upside Down through the deaths of other characters, whether it was the aforementioned Eddie Munson, Bob, Alexei, etc., instead of having a main character face fatal consequences.

It’s true that social media could become a nightmare if a main character dies in Stranger Things, but it’s also not good to have the opposite effect, with a feeling that, even though it seems like they die, the main characters end up coming back one way or another, whether in a coma or in a Soviet prison.

What do you think? Should a main character be killed off to kick off the final season of Stranger Things with a bang?

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