Gaming PC Stolen Clue: Screw Missing


Purchasing a Gaming PC is a special moment for gamers. Whether it’s your first computer or one you’ve always dreamed of, there’s nothing quite like enjoying your favorite hobby on a brand new Gaming PC. However, sometimes these stories end in tragedy, and the latest one involves a White glove thief who was not very precise with his work.

As seen in a recent Reddit post, a user shared how his highly anticipated moment ended in tragedy. He invested over 1,000 euros in a fairly competent Gaming PC, only to find out that the glass lid of the box was missing a screw when he received it. As a result, the inside of the computer was empty.

Furthermore, when the user opened the packaging, he not only found the missing screw but also realized that essential elements of the Gaming PC including a processor, a graphics card, an SSD, and RAM were missing. Despite paying a significant amount, he received a useless computer with only the case, cooling, and motherboard.

In cases like this, where it’s practically impossible to protect against such thefts, there are several guidelines to follow to avoid these situations. One of them is taking photographs or videos during the unboxing process, not accepting packages with broken seals, or weighing the packages before opening them to ensure they have not been tampered with.

By following these guidelines, buyers have a safety net they can rely on if they experience such an unpleasant situation.

In this tweet, a user shares his experience of setting up his first Gaming PC, only to have it not turn on after 9 hours of trying. The solution? Throwing it out the window.

Overall, the joy of getting a new Gaming PC can quickly turn into disappointment if proper precautions are not taken. It’s essential to be vigilant when receiving such high-value items to avoid being a victim of such thefts.

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