Future Success Lies in Games as a Service


The current situation of the gaming industry is complex, with increasing development costs, layoffs, and a high risk of creating new IP. Many studios are choosing to make titles for mobile phones or launch games as a service. A recent report from Griffin Gaming Partners revealed that 95% of studios and developers are working on or supporting the creation of a game as a service. A survey of 537 studios found that 66% of teams believe live service games are “necessary” for long-term success.

Developers are facing challenges such as data engineering, live service delivery, player expectations, and the demand for more multiplatform games. 77% of studios claim that development costs continue to increase, making these types of games a necessity for many studios.

There has been speculation about a potential saturation of games as a service, with an analyst estimating that by the end of 2024, many studios would return to triple A game development. The analyst believes that while live services will continue to be successful, not all studios will want to develop a title with constant updates. There are a handful of titles that dominate players’ time, with 60% of the time taken up by 19 games and 75% taken up by the 33 most played.

In 3DGames, reports have been published about PlayStation’s plans for 12 games as a service. PlayStation has made a significant mistake since the launch of PS3.

It’s clear that the gaming industry is facing challenges, but the focus on games as a service appears to be a trend that many studios are embracing for long-term success.

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