Future of Xbox & Suicide Squad Review | MeriPodcast 17×20


In the world of gaming, rumors and revelations can be as thrilling as the games themselves. Lately, there’s been a whisper in the wind that Xbox is poised to shake things up in a big way. Word on the street is that Xbox might be straying from its exclusive roots, with hot-ticket games like “Hi-Fi Rush” and “Sea of Thieves” potentially setting sail towards other console shores such as the PS5 or Nintendo Switch. The chatter doesn’t stop there — the iconic “Halo: The Master Chief Collection,” the much-anticipated “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle,” and the starry-eyed space epic “Starfield” are also part of the speculation, rumored to be landing on Sony’s platform.

However, it’s just hearsay until Phil Spencer, the grand visionary leading the Xbox team, steps up to the proverbial microphone and unveils the official game plan for Xbox’s future. So, while the pot simmers with anticipation and theory, let’s dive into the discussions of the latest MeriPodcast, episode 17×20, and unravel the threads of this evolving narrative.

In this easy-going chatter-fest, hosts Peter Herrero, Alexander Castillo, Roberto Barragán, and Borja Ruete put their gaming caps on to dissect the recent State of Play. It’s an opportunity to divulge their thoughts on gaming hits that have sparked excitement across the community, like “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth,” “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League,” and the teasingly brief glimpse into “Silent Hill: The Short Message.” Each game brings its unique flare to the gaming landscape, and the hosts aren’t shy about sharing their two cents.

But that’s not all. Just as a hearty meal follows an appetizing starter, the MeriPodcast offers a rich tapestry of content to feast your ears on. Through the introduction, the team sets the stage for what’s to come, followed by headlines that offer tidbits of what’s brewing in the gaming world — is “The Last of Us Part 3” becoming a reality? Plus, there’s buzz about the next “Call of Duty” taking a page from the open world genre, along with other tantalizing titles showcased at the PS4 and PS5 State of Play.

As the conversation heats up, they wade into deeper waters, tackling the meaty debate about Xbox’s potential new multiplatform strategy. What could this mean for gamers and the industry at large? Only time—and more podcasts—will tell.

The episode also includes game reviews, such as a detailed critique of “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League,” first impressions of “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth,” and an analytical look at “Silent Hill: The Short Message.”

But all good things must come to an end, and the MeriPodcast wraps up with a tradition known as the “Microabierto,” where thoughts freely flow. They speculate on potential remakes, like “Uncharted: Drake’s Treasure,” and cap the episode off with weekly recommendations before bidding a fond farewell.

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This week’s burning question to mull over: What’s your take on the current Xbox situation? Is it a bold move towards uniting the gaming community, or is it stepping away from what made Xbox special? The gaming world is eager to hear your thoughts.

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