From Excitement to Disappointment: My Palworld Letdown


I recently completed my journey to the yggdrasil tree and it made me realize that I had been living a lie. I strongly believe that the best philosophy for happiness is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. This mindset has allowed me to enjoy many things I would not have otherwise, such as my passion for Palworld during my trip to the great tree.

Last Saturday, I shared my first week of adventures and promised to cover the Dark Ages and the Era of Moving this week. The Dark Ages began after invaders burned my house to the ground, marking the birth of a villain and a clear “Never Again” attitude for me.

I reassembled my house with stone and defended it when the next invasion came, capturing enemies as a revenge. I then decided to move to a new area that met specific criteria and established a new base there.

After the Dark Ages, I resumed my journey to the yggdrasil tree, encountering obstacles and challenges along the way. However, the journey came to an anticlimactic end when I was blocked by an invisible red wall in the last meters. This disappointment led me to take a break from the game.

While I understand that the game is in early access and not yet polished, I felt that the use of invisible walls was tacky and affected my immersion in the game. I expressed my hope that developers would find more creative ways to restrict access to certain areas in the game rather than using invisible walls.

Currently, I have decided to take a break from Palworld and have turned to playing Diablo IV while waiting for Skull and Bones. I intend to return to Palworld when I feel ready.

In VidaExtra, Palworld players are turning Pals into weapons of mass destruction, adding more fun and creativity to the game. With mods now available to modify the game, Palworld promises an even more interesting and engaging experience for players.

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