Free Zombie and Survival PC Game – Limited Time Offer


Having a PC and using it to play is one of the best decisions you can make, especially if what you expect are free games. Between Epic Games, GOG, Prime Gaming and so on, there are many users who have built a fairly large library. On this occasion we will talk to you about a title that can be obtained free and forever, the bad news is that its time is very limited and only the fastest will be able to add it on Steam.

One of the video games that we will talk to you about today is Ultimate Zombie Defense, a game of shooting and zombies that we can get totally free and keep it forever. It is not the first time that we can claim it, but this time it is easier than ever because we must go to its file on Steam and add it to our library. It is important to remember that we only have time until 19:00 on February 11, 2024.

Ultimate Zombie Defense is defined as a “survival horror game cooperative and with a top-down perspective”. It is a quite fun proposal that has more than 86% positive reviews on Steam. You can join games or form them with up to 4 players in order to defeat the waves of infected. In that sense, titles allow us to create and improve a military base with different traps and defenses to stop the beasts that stalk us.

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Leaving this proposal aside, you can currently go to the Epic Games Store and claim two free games. One of them is Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!, which is a novel psychological horror visual which combines elements of romance and horror. The other is Lost Castle, a roguelike of procedurally generated dungeons.

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