Former Pokémon Lawyer Tags Palworld as Potential Scam


Palworld is making quite the splash in the gaming community, boasting an impressive feat with over 5 million copies flying off virtual shelves and a stunning peak of 1.5 million players adventuring simultaneously on Steam. This popularity puts it right up there among the gaming industry’s titans. Despite the success, it’s not all smooth sailing for the folks at Pocketpair, the studio behind this viral sensation. They’ve been wading through some choppy waters with serious accusations including plagiarism and the controversial use of AI in their game. In a concerning twist, there have even been reports of death threats from some members of the gaming community.

One particularly vocal critic is a past legal eagle from The Pokémon Company. Dan McGowan, who used to be the Head of Legal at The Pokémon Company between 2008 and 2020, didn’t mince words when sharing his take on Palworld. Speaking to Game File, he labeled it as “the usual meaningless scam” that he became all too familiar with during his tenure. McGowan expressed his surprise at just how far the game has managed to go in the market despite these issues.

To the frustration of fans seeking official responses, neither The Pokémon Company, Game Freak, nor Nintendo has stepped forward with any formal statements. The clamor is mainly coming from the dedicated Pokémon fanbase, who are not shy in pointing out what they see as near carbon copies of Pokémon designs in Palworld’s Pals, the name given to the creatures in the game.

But Pocketpair’s CEO, Takuro Mizobe, stands firm against the tide of controversy. Confident in their compliance with legal benchmarks, Mizobe reassures that their intention is not to step on the toes of other companies’ intellectual properties. “We play our games very seriously,” he asserts, signaling a clear stance against allegations of infringement.

Beyond the Pokémon parallels, however, Palworld has more strands of DNA in common with survival genre games like ARK: Survival Evolved or Conan Exiles than Nintendo’s pocket monsters. Whether this will help the game navigate the currents of controversy, only time will tell.

Gamers hungry to explore the world of Palworld can mark their calendars as it’s ready for action on Steam and Xbox Series, even landing a spot in the coveted Xbox Game Pass roster. Yet, players should take note, as there are some noteworthy variations between the different versions available.

Joining the rush, Palworld seems well poised to carve out its niche, but as the days roll on, we will continue to monitor the ripple effects of these unfolding events. Will Palworld weather the storm and emerge stronger, or will the waves of these charges pull it under? Stay tuned as this saga evolves.

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