Former Dead Cells designer launches an attack on developer for abandoning the game


One of the main responsible for Dead Cells has attacked the game’s developer after they announced the end of support for the game after years of updates.

Dead Cells arrived in 2018 to establish itself as one of the best indies developed in recent years. The mix of roguelite and metroidvania hit the mark thanks to the good ideas of Motion Twin, its developer.

Now, six years later and with ten million copies sold, the company has announced that update 35 will be the last to come to Dead Cells. The title will stop receiving content, with Return to Castlevania being its last DLC.

The abandonment of Dead Cells has not pleased its designer

Many have been saddened by the news, although it is something that could be logical after four expansions and much additional content offered. However, the former lead designer of the game is the one who has taken it the worst.

S├ębastien Benard, co-founder of Motion Twin and lead designer of Dead Cells, who left the company in 2020, has openly criticized this decision after learning that Evil Empire, a studio created to support Dead Cells with more content, is starting a new project.

Since you ask, I would only say that Motion Twin made the worst move imaginable against Dead Cells and Evil Empire, Benard responded to a fan on Discord (via PCGamesN). Having seen first-hand the real situation behind the scenes, I can honestly say that I am glad not to be part of this anymore.

The official statement is pure marketing nonsense, the way this situation happened is on a completely different level. I never imagined that my former cooperative studio would turn out to be such greedy people. I wish the best to Evil Empire for their next projects and I hope the people working there survive this sudden economic cut.

However, despite the fact that Dead Cells will no longer receive content, the game’s universe will expand with an animated series scheduled for 2024. Also coming this year is Windblown, a 3D roguelike game that Motion Twin is working on.

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