Florida’s Joker Seeks to Voice His Character in GTA 6


The Florida Joker continues with his shenanigans while Rockstar ignores him. Now, he hasn’t threatened the developer for his “appearance” in GTA 6, but he has requested to voice the character.

The GTA 6 trailer was a collection of references to the crazy and dystopian life of Miami. Rockstar masterfully included a number of real viral moments in the first look at their new game set in Vice City.

One of the references was a gang member who looked similar to the Joker, Batman’s villain. However, this easter egg was referencing the “Florida Joker,” Lawrence Sullivan, known in Miami for his resemblance to the character.

The Florida Joker continues with GTA 6 antics

He saw an opportunity and sent a message to Rockstar demanding millions of dollars in compensation for being inspired by his image. The developer completely ignored him and since then, Sullivan has tried to attract attention in every possible way.

After giving an “ultimatum” to the developer, he has now spoken out again with an entirely different request. It turns out that now the Florida Joker wants to voice his character and take advantage of the game’s popularity.

Give me $50,000, $100,000. Let me be the character, let me go to events when the game is released, sign and take pictures with fans. Come on, we’re making headlines all over the world, he stated in a TikTok.

All the media informed me about the game. Everyone knows who I am, trusts me. So, GTA, Rockstar, we have to talk. Let’s do the right thing… let me express the character… come on… I’m the reason the game is so popular.

It is clear that Rockstar will not pay attention to this man, and that was made very clear by a character who has worked with the company voicing a character. Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan) told him, “They know exactly what they can and cannot do.”

The erratic behavior and statements of this “Joker” make it clear that the initial threat was not very serious. A few days ago, he commented that he was going to join the GTA 6 hacker after “taking him out of the psychiatric hospital.”

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