First Look: Call of Duty Future Warfare’s Moon Mission Gameplay


The world of video gaming is full of surprises, where creativity and innovation never seem to cease. In a captivating blast from the past, we’ve uncovered details about a project titled “Call of Duty: Future Warfare,” also referred to as “NX1.” This ambitious game was once in the pipeline by the famous game developer Neversoft, renowned for their work on hits like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Guitar Hero. However, the project was unfortunately shelved and never graced our consoles.

A glimpse into this never-released title has recently surfaced, presenting an intriguing snippet of a game set in 2011 that includes a remarkable mission on the moon. The footage showcases the developers’ vision of blending futuristic combat elements with the classic Call of Duty gameplay. The concept art and initial builds hinted at a game that was daring to be different, potentially changing the direction of the franchise by taking battles off-planet.

Though “Call of Duty: Future Warfare” was intended to be the next big installment after “CoD: Ghosts,” it remained in the shadows. Brian Bright, a developer who worked on the game, revealed on Twitter that Neversoft had managed to craft “2 or 3 campaign missions and a lot of multiplayer work” before the project was halted. Notably, he mentioned that the lunar mission we can see in the video served as a learning opportunity for the team to get accustomed to the game engine and play around with novel features like zero-gravity environments.

This installment of “Call of Duty” was meant to mark Neversoft’s foray as a primary developer within the gigantic franchise. However, after the cancellation of “Future Warfare,” Neversoft merged with Infinity Ward in 2014, and the last “Call of Duty” title they were involved in was “CoD: Advanced Warfare.” That merger marked the end of Neversoft’s individual contributions, a company that had once been a trendsetter within the gaming industry.

Curiosity continues to surround the unreleased game, especially as new information trickles in through social media. It is revealed that “Future Warfare” was set to feature a mix of new and remastered multiplayer maps, demonstrating that Neversoft aimed to hit both nostalgic chords with classic maps and innovate with new ones. Some of the maps that were being developed included Whiteout, Legacy Afghan, Legacy Crash, Legacy Outpost, Legacy Overgrown, Legacy Terminal, Apartment, Bin Laden’s Compound, Gladiator Assault, and others with intriguing names such as Merc Overgrown Map, Merc Mode Map, BENCH, Blank Test MP Level, JKU, JPL DOCK, and Milota’s Test Map.

Though “Call of Duty: Future Warfare” remains a ghost of gaming’s what-could-have-been lore, these snippets of information fuel the imagination of gamers worldwide. It’s a testament to the passion and excitement that the Call of Duty series has generated over the years, always pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted territories, even if some of those journeys never reach completion.

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