Final Fantasy XIV Beta Dates on Xbox, Double Pay to Play


The release date for Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox platforms has finally been announced, with the open beta set to begin on February 21st. However, there seems to be a controversial detail that has caught the attention of the community – Xbox Series users will need to have an Xbox Game Pass plan (Core or Ultimate) in addition to the game’s own subscription in order to enjoy the full experience.

This requirement will not be implemented immediately, but it will come with the definitive version of Final Fantasy XIV. “The Free Trial, which includes the open beta, will not require an Xbox Game Pass plan (Core or Ultimate) to play. However, the full version of Xbox Series will require an Xbox Game Pass plan (Core or Ultimate) to play”, as indicated on the Final Fantasy XIV official website.

Fans have criticized this decision, especially since it is an obligation that is not present on other platforms. The cost of a 60-day subscription to play Final Fantasy XIV is 25.98 euros, and when added to the Xbox Game Pass membership (6.99 euros/month for Core and 14.99 euros/month for Ultimate), the total cost to play the MMORPG amounts to whatever option the player chooses. While both Square Enix and Microsoft service offer annual plans and temporary offers to play for less money, it still forces the community to spend twice.

It is important to note that the beta is primarily recommended for new players, as Square Enix has made it clear that players with existing accounts and associated characters should wait until the full release. The team also warns that players who want to play on Xbox will need to link their Microsoft account with their Square Enix account, and once this is done, the accounts cannot be unlinked. However, all player progress will be transferred with the definitive release of the MMORPG.

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