Final Fantasy VIII Remake Overhauls Original Battle System


Yoshinori Kitase, director of Final Fantasy VIII, has been talking about a possible remake of the well-known installment of the saga and has pointed out what would change about the original installment for a new version.

There is a lot of talk about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but the favorite saga of Square Enix has many installments that could be remade to adapt them to modern times. Specifically, Final Fantasy VIII is one of those that has recently generated some buzz.

And it’s director, Yoshinori Kitase, has spoken with IGN to mark the 25th anniversary of this particular and remembered installment. Of course, the topic of developing a remake of Final Fantasy VIII has come up in the conversation.

Final Fantasy VIII… remake?

It seems like a good idea, but it’s unlikely given the large number of projects that Square Enix would have to put aside. However, Kitase is clear that the combat system of this game should change if working on a remake. One of the pains of many players would disappear.

I think you’ll remember that we had the Junction system in Final Fantasy VIII, the executive indicated. And what happened with that system was that enemies leveled up according to the player’s level

And, obviously, you had to use the Junction system and customize it to overcome the challenge. And I think for some people it was very difficult to get into a system. Depending on the player’s skills, sometimes they just didn’t find the best way to do it.

So I think I would like to go back to that and really rework the combat system in Final Fantasy VIII and turn it into something where the level of difficulty and accessibility for some fans was much better balanced. So I think that’s what I would look at most if I wanted to redo it.

However, this remake does not seem to be a viable project at the moment. It’s such a huge investment of time and effort that we really have to think a lot before undertaking any kind of project like this, Kitase pointed out.

While Final Fantasy VII Rebirth awaits its release on PS5, there is no shortage of news and rumors mentioning other supposed remakes of the saga. There are several mythical installments featuring this type of reports.

Some time ago it was commented that Final Fantasy IX Remake will be similar to Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion and “will use the turn-based ATB system.” Last year it was said that Square Enix is preparing a remake of Final Fantasy X for the 25th anniversary of this PS2 classic.

And this same 2024 it has been said that “a remake of Final Fantasy 6 would cost twice as much as FF7 Remake + Rebirth; many people in Square want to do it, but I can’t say yes,” Kitase said. Would you also like to see Final Fantasy VIII remake?

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