Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Sparks Video Game Debate


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has once again sparked a debate that never seems to end. The difficulty in video games? No. This time we’re talking about the yellow markings to promote accessibility.

The demo of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available on PS5 and has served as a great warm-up while waiting for the final game release. However, one of the most important updates is generating a familiar debate.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has climbing sections that allow players to ascend certain positions. This is not very unusual, as this mechanic is common in many games, but what has sparked discussions is the use of the yellow color to highlight the ledges.

Questioning the level design of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

This, which is not the first time it has been used as a signaling element in level design, previously caused a stir with Resident Evil 4, but has resurfaced with the demo of the new Square Enix game, causing the same effect: divided opinions.

The yellow color has begun to be used to highlight interactive elements when playing, elements of the map or scenario that are important for progressing in the game. They are useful, but also too obvious for many players, which causes distractions and loss of immersion.

Many players have criticized its use, pointing out that the current level design is too user-friendly and that this diminishes the quality of the games. However, others point out that these methods are not new.

Precisely in the original Final Fantasy VII, we saw how the correct path at certain points in the game was indicated by a green arrow compared to other red ones, so this type of help has been around for a long time. What do you think?

As for the game itself, the demo of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth contains a detail that only fans of the original will understand. Have you been able to try it on PS5? If you want to know the latest news before the release, here they are.

The game director has already said that Vincent will not be a playable character in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but don’t worry because he will have a special original mission. Are you looking forward to the game’s release?

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