Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Demo Leaks & Confirms Playable Sephiroth


The countdown for the premiere of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has begun and the second part of the remake of the original Final Fantasy VII is set to be released in 22 days. This month is undoubtedly dedicated to Final Fantasy as Square Enix and Sony have not only scheduled an exclusive game event for tonight but also the demo of the Japanese RPG will be available on PS5 in a few hours.

Japanese developers Square Enix have a history of releasing demos of their games just before their release, similar to the strategy of Capcom with its Triple-A majors. Hopefully, this will give us an early taste of Dragon’s Dogma 2. However, the most important thing here is the adventure of Cloud and company. There has been no official confirmation of the time, but Sony accidentally announced the demo via PlayStation Store.

According to some lucky individuals who updated the game store on PS5, it was revealed that the game demo trailer with a “now available” tag was mistakenly posted by someone at Sony, and then deleted shortly after. It is understood that it was uploaded prematurely and was planned for this morning.

The Japanese duo will host an event to reveal important details of the game before its launch in three weeks, and that is where this demo will be announced. The streaming dedicated to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will take place this morning at 01:00 hours (Spanish peninsular time), so it will be shortly after the event when the RPG demo is officially uploaded.

The content of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo will include flashbacks in Nibelheim and the first minutes of the adventure with Cloud and company outside Midgar. It will also feature a test focused on combat and confrontation with some minor bosses to familiarize players with the changes in its fighting system.

As shown by Square Enix, moving on the map will take a few seconds, and the development of Final Fantasy VII was so chaotic that it forever changed the way the JRPG saga was approached.

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