Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth – Ambitious Open World RPG Review


Few games have left as significant a mark on generations of gamers as Final Fantasy VII. SquareSoft’s masterpiece is one of the greatest JRPGs in history, and its trilogy of remakes is nearing the halfway point. In just 3 weeks, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, one of the most anticipated games of 2024, is set to arrive. After spending 3 hours playing as Cloud and the company, it’s evident that Rebirth is even more ambitious than its predecessor, Remake.

The original Final Fantasy VII Remake was a remarkable change of perspective, with powerful graphics and combat system, as well as the most expressive version of the Cloud group to date. Now, with a generational leap, the sequel is full of ambition, offering an open world and much more.

During the time spent with Rebirth, two distinct parts of the game were experienced. The Nibelheim section showcased an incredible amount of detail, life, and expressiveness brought to the characters, particularly Sefirot. The interactions and genuine relationships in the flashbacks also stood out, showcasing the fundamental pillars of the title.

The game introduces a relationship system between group members, where dialogue options impact the affinity level within the group, influencing the group’s level and unlocking progression improvements essential for effective combat tactics.

Rebirth also features a skill tree system, separate from the weapons, using Weapon Points earned through combat to progress through the Skill Manual. The game’s open world provides a seamless transition, filled with life, cinematic action, new plots, and open mysteries, with landscapes full of variety and chocobo companions.

The game also includes secondary missions, new characters, and mini-games such as Queen’s Blood, a card game within the FFVII universe. The game mechanics, progression, and optional content set Rebirth as a must-have title for 2024, despite some concerns about potential monotonous flow between zones in the open world.

Overall, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth promises to be an essential and highly ambitious title for 2024, expanding on the concepts that made the Remake excellent and offering a captivating journey through the world of Final Fantasy VII.

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