February 2024: Latest Releases & Updates on Movistar+


Get ready for an exciting month of cinema with Movistar+ as they’re set to bring an array of nominated movies to your screens, leading up to the prestigious Goya Awards 2024 on Saturday, February 10th. This second month of the year promises to be a feast for film enthusiasts with a daily release from Movistar+’s extensive catalog, spotlighting both celebrated and fresh cinematic wonders.

Movistar+ kicks things off with a bang, showcasing the much-anticipated return of Victor Erice to filmmaking with ‘Close Your Eyes.’ The platform will also delight animation lovers with Fernando Trueba’s innovative ‘They Shot the Pianist.’ And for those interested in gripping behind-the-scenes stories, don’t miss the documentaries about the sensational music artist C. Tangana and the legendary comedian Eugenio, titled ‘That Excessive Ambition’ and ‘Saben Aquell,’ respectively.

For viewers with different tastes, there’s no shortage of variety. The latest hair-raising installment of ‘Insidious’ will make an appearance, along with crowd-pleasers like ‘Mafia Mamma’ starring Toni Collette, ‘Retribution’ with Liam Neeson, and John Woo’s new thriller ‘Silent Night.’ Oscar-seekers can also catch nominated hits such as ‘Mission Impossible: Mortal Sentence – Part 1,’ ‘Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse,’ and ‘Past Lives.’

But that’s not all! February on Movistar+ is a treasure trove for series enthusiasts as well:

Starting February 6th, sink your teeth into the delectable drama of ‘Irresistible Foods’ in this salivating new miniseries.

February 7th turns up the action with ‘Trigger Point: Out of Control’ returning for its explosive second season.

By February 22nd, get ready to be immersed in the gritty underworld with ‘The Immortal’ season 2.

And on February 24th, don’t miss the compelling documentary ‘Ukraine: Those Who Stayed,’ which promises to bring powerful storytelling and raw emotion to your screen.

Movie premieres are set to make every day memorable in February, ranging from heartfelt Spanish dramas to eye-catching animations:

– February 2nd mysteriously remains a surprise – watch this space!
– February 4th reveals ‘Tenderness,’ a Spanish creation warming up the hearts of viewers.
– February 5th you’ll be treated to the critically acclaimed ‘They Shot the Pianist.’
– By February 6th, dive into ‘The Horn,’ another Spanish cinematic gem.
– February 7th brings you the life-affirming ‘Living Soul,’ and for animation aficionados, ‘The Other Way.’
– February 8th marks the much-awaited arrival of Victor Erice’s ‘Close Your Eyes.’
– On February 9th, prepare for laughter with the comedy ‘Saben Aquel.’
– February 10th remains a day of reflection with ‘Labordeta, a Man Without More,’ a poignant documentary.
– February 11th continues the documentary streak with ‘That Excessive Ambition.’
– February 12th highlights ‘Maximum Alert’ and ‘The First Day of My Life,’ promising a mix of suspense and inspiration.
– February 14th lets love take the lead with the captivating ‘The Maggie Moore(s).’
– February 17th offers political intrigue with ‘Orlando, My Political Biography.’
– February 19th brings ‘The Wonder Room’ and ‘Bears Don’t Exist,’ each offering a unique story to tell.
– On February 20th, animation hits the road with ‘Rally Road Racers.’
– And closing out the month with a spine-chilling bang on February 25th, ‘Insidious: The Red Door’ dares you to peer into the unknown.

So, buckle up and grab your remotes, because February on Movistar+ is going to be a non-stop ride of cinematic excellence, series sensations, and award-winning narratives that promise to entertain, challenge, and mesmerize viewers of all tastes and ages.

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