February 2024: Latest Filmin Premieres and Updates


As the chilly days of January start to make way for the promise of spring, we can also look forward to fresh entertainment options to keep us cozy during the last of winter’s cold snaps. Filmin, the Spanish streaming platform, is gearing up to deliver some truly intriguing content in February 2024. Amongst the treasure trove of new releases is one standout gem—a British series that is capturing the attention of mystery and true-crime aficionados alike. “The Fifth Commandment” arrives with the prestige of the BBC’s quality hallmark, and across four engrossing episodes, viewers will delve into a tale of tragedy and deceit.

Spanning the lives of two individuals, Peter Farquhar, a veteran and well-respected teacher, and Ann Moore-Martin, his neighbor known for her devout religious beliefs, this series retraces the chilling events that led to their untimely deaths in the village of Maids Moreton in Buckinghamshire. But these were no mere happenstances; their stories intertwine with the malevolent schemes of Ben Field, a murderer who wove a web of manipulation around vulnerable and lonely locals, all with the dark aim of claiming their legacies as his own.

“The Fifth Commandment” is just the tip of the iceberg, though. Filmin isn’t holding back with its February fare, as the platform also plans to roll out intriguing films such as ‘Alteritats’, ‘Mondays’, and ‘Better Days’, not to mention the much-anticipated second seasons of ‘Carmen Curlers’ and ‘Rurangi’. If you’re searching for your next binge-watch or a movie night pick, below is a sneak peek at Filmin’s February schedule brimming with exciting premieres:

### TV Series Coming to Filmin:
**February 6**
– “Carmen Curlers” (Season 2)

**February 13**
– “The Fifth Commandment” (Premiere)

**February 16**
– “Reeperbahn, Special Unit” (Premiere)

**February 20**
– “UFO(s)” (Season 2)

**February 23**
– “Rurangi” (Season 2)

**February 27**
– “It Happened on the Banks of the River” (Premiere)

### Movies Premiering on Filmin:
**February 2**
– ‘Alterations’
– ‘The Guardians of the Formula’
– ‘Freaks Out’
– ‘Mondays’

**February 9**
– ‘Orlando, My Political Biography’
– ‘Let the River Flow’
– ‘Drifter’
– ‘Better Days’

**February 16**
– ‘Especially at Night’
– ‘Bones and Names’

**February 23**
– ‘The Silence of the Water’

The blend of series and films is diverse, bringing together different genres and stories from around the world. It’s clear that Filmin is committed to expanding its library with a rich catalog that caters to varied tastes.

So, whether you’re wrapping up in a blanket on your couch or curled up in bed, rest assured that Filmin has you covered with captivating narratives, thrilling dramas, heartfelt comedies, and profound documentaries. February 2024 might well be a month remembered for the stories we watched unfold on our screens, thanks to Filmin’s unwavering dedication to bringing top-tier entertainment to the comfort of our homes. Get your popcorn ready and your watchlists set, because an exciting month awaits on Filmin.

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